Abate Institute of Interior Design is a division of Abate Eye Hospital- established as a state of the art facility in Perinthalmanna. We have now grown into Colleges with B.Sc. Interior Design courses at Calicut, Kannur, and Coimbatore apart from Perinthalmanna. The steady growth of the college can be attributed in part to its reputation for excellence.

With the increasing expenditure on quality life by Indian urbanites and their rising exposure to exotic destinations in the global village, the need for interior designers is going all-time high at present times. On the other hand, due to rising population and a paradigm shift in family structures; joint to nuclear families, the per capita land consumption is decreasing day by day. These factors have had a profound influence in framing the Institute’s progressive approach to education and its job placement. As a small, progressive college, the Institute has been able to adapt to design changes and trends. It has recognized the importance of active participation and involvement in the major interior design professional organizations. Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which produce unparalleled results.

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Our Vision

To become an apex level autonomous higher education and research institute that can empower the global human community

Our mission

Our mission is to provide student-centered education that build innovative skills and knowledge in the students. We collaborate with other institutions and industries around the world to improve the quality of education and to provide the professional career opportunities to the students.

Core Values


Our integrity and honesty in accordance with the highest academic, professional and ethical standards.


Our education entities deliver excellence in all our endeavors as individuals, an institution and a leader in higher education.


Constantly ensure the protection of interest of the students.


We respect one another’s right to safety and dignity at College. We will speak to each other with calmness, politeness, and good attitude.


We encourage the students curiosity and creative ideas, make continuous improvement in the quality of education.

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