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We Don’t Separate Life and Education. At Abate Living Is Learning

Whenever we move forward to a new phase in life, it’s reassuring to have at least some idea of what to expect. To give you some food for thought as you look ahead to attending your professional degree program at Abate: Our students here are working hard, but what they do is productive, interesting, informative and fun.

Students have started clubs around everything from biking and running. They do it for fun, and for the common good: to support people in old age homes, to support local charities. They have also started a charity club to help people in need named –SAN (Service Authorised Nest).

We have a college union election here and the winning group organises and plans the activities for the year. They conduct programs related to their courses like - Sight day programs, Design exhibitions, Optometry week celebrations, International Colour Day celebrations, Glaucoma awareness programs etc. along with vision screening camps at various parts of the city- from schools to Govt. offices and NGOs. Apart from these we have non-academic programs like food fest, arts fest, mehendi competitions, short film competitions, photography and videography contests, sports day, college day celebrations, field trips, industrial visits and much more.

Student activities at Abate revolve around events for socializing and having fun, exploring the city, and enhancing life as a professional.

  • Social events
  • Group trips
  • Community event food drive
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Students Club:

Abate has active student organizations that support diverse interests, promote student involvement, and encourage leadership opportunities. These clubs and associations help students connect to each other as well as to other departments of the institute. Students association represents the interests and needs of Abate students by serving as a liaison between students and the faculty and administration, working towards enhancing the overall student experience. The association also organizes a variety of events throughout the academic year. Students association functions as the voice of the student body and is the primary forum through which student concerns are brought to the attention of the college’s administration.

Life at Abate outside the classroom offers a wealth of opportunity for personal growth and development that supports and enhances students' academic experience. From exciting trips to shows to attending a workshop on, or participating with hundreds of fellow students in the Relay for Life, there are countless activities from which to choose.

Consistent with the Abate College Mission, the sense of community and the sense of service to others are important to us. Both the philosophy and the staff in the Division of Student Affairs support the development of the whole person: intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. Our programs and services are designed to promote self-discovery, leadership development, healthy behaviours, and social responsibility as well as enjoyment.

You'll make great friends, you'll learn about yourself and the world, and you'll grow in all aspects of your life. And we'll be there with support along the way, with professionals like mentors should the need arise.

Abate is your community, and we’re here to support you.

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