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Courses offered

At Abate College of Optometry, we have especially designed courses that give the students all the knowledge and skill they will require to become professional optometrists. Backed by scientifically accurate tools and equipment as well as world-class facilities, Abate offers courses in:

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The diagnosis and treatment for every condition involving the sense of vision can be found in the field of optometry. The academic and clinical training provided to optometrist equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify, manage, and prevent issues with a person's eyes. As a branch of the newly renovated Abate eye hospital, the Abate Institute is providing a BSc in optometry in order to take advantage of the increasing demands for skilled optometrist all over the world. This degree programme educates and prepares student who want to succeed in a rapidly expanding field of medicine like optometry both in India and abroad.

The Abate Eye Hospital is the parent institution of the campuses of the Abate Institute in Calicut, Perinthalmanna, and Kannur, which are situated on the grounds of the state-of-the-art eye hospital. Perinthalmanna is home to Kerala's largest eye hospital. Millions of patients and professionals trust and support Abate Perinthalmanna, Calicut, and Kannur. The high-tech tools and equipments, as well as the expertise of the many ophthalmologists connected to the Abate Eye Hospital, will be employed to the advantage of the students at the Abate Institute. Abate Institute's B.Sc. Optometry programme is also supported by a 100% job placement assistance.

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Student Life

Optometry students have started clubs around everything from biking and running. They do it for fun, and for the common good: riding bikes to support people in old age homes, doing flash mobs to support local charities, and taking trips to provide eye care in places where people cannot afford an eye test. They have also started a Charity club to help people in need named –SAN (Service Authorised Nest).

We have a college union election here and the winning group organises and plans the activities for the year. They conduct programs related to Optometry like- Sight day programs, Optometry week celebrations, Glaucoma awareness programs etc. along with vision screening camps at various parts of the city- from schools to Govt. offices and NGOs. Apart from these we have non-academic programs like food fest, arts fest, mehendi competitions, short film competitions, photography and videography contests, sports day, college day celebrations, field trips, industrial visits and much more.

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Optometry is an Investment as Your Future Career

Be a part of something bigger-Abate has an academic reputation that attracts students from all around and outside Kerala. Studying optometry at Abate will give you the practical clinical skills, theoretical knowledge and hands on learning experience with real patients needed to prepare you for a rewarding lifelong profession that change lives in this exciting field of healthcare.

  • Teaching methods on our optometry programmes are varied and include a wide range of lectures, tutorials, practicals and clinicals skills sessions.
  • You’ll learn and gain invaluable insight from practising optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians specialising in dispensing, contact lenses and low vision. They will be there to supervise and support you during your clinical postings.
  • This range of experiences will provide you with not only the practical skills, but also the industry insight and interpersonal skills that will really set you apart in the job market after graduation.
  • The learning hours may include but are not limited to lectures, seminars, tutorials, lab sessions, practical, Bloom’s taxonomy based activities, field trips and camps.

As a college affiliated to the biggest eye hospital in Kerala, we strive to uphold the highest standards of academic curriculum and course structure.

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