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B.Sc. Optometry KUHS

The course aims at carving out graduates in optometry who will be well versed in

  • Helping the ophthalmologist in his practice
  • Do refraction, contact lens fitting and orthoptic assessment independently
  • Involve and do special investigative procedures
  • To operate and maintain ophthalmic instruments
  • To maintain ophthalmic theatre and operating instruments
  • To run and establish an optical shop

Course Eligibility

  • Students who have passed their Higher Secondary Examination (plus two) in science (with 80% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) state/central boards.
  • The admissions are based on LBS merit interviews.
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Career Opportunities

Due to their independence from other eye care providers, ability to practise independently, and involvement in research or teaching, optometrists are in high demand. Optometry opens up a wide range of exciting opportunities, including:

  • Correction of refractive errors of the eye and the prescription of glasses.
  • Designing and fitting contact lenses, prosthetic eyes and vision aids.
  • Evaluation of the health status of the eye and referring patients to ophthalmologists at the right stage.
  • Detection of ocular-related diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy etc.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ocular malfunction.
  • Practice public health optometry in schools, colleges, slums, and rural areas.
  • Practice occupational optometry in industries.
  • Conduct optometric counselling for patients with patient sight, colour blindness, hereditary vision defects and disease etc.
  • Conduct vision rehabilitation and follow-up work of discharged patients.
  • Participate in public education on ocular hygiene and provide counselling in nutritional-related and environmental awareness.

Course outline

The course shall comprise of the theoretical and practical studies in different branches of Optometry and its related subjects. In addition to practical training in the Department of Optometry, the students will be posted to the departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, Microbiology and Optical workshop attached to Ophthalmic clinics. Besides practical classes, the training in Optical work should be given in clinics, with the candidate taking active part in the routine work of the out-patient department.

Course structure

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